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All picks are released five (5) minutes after game starts.

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Services are diving deep in the the 2022 NBA, CBA and NHL seasons. All NBA, CBA and NHL seasons are now in full force anf MLB is just around the corner. Opening Day on March 30. All 30 teams – 15 games – are scheduled to play on Opening Day, which would be the first time since 1968 that every team is playing its first game on the same day.
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    NHL power rankings:
    1. Boston Bruins, Previous ranking: 1: Can the whole team be the answer? And that's a serious question. Are the Bruins really about to go wire-to-wire and win it all? What they've done places them in the discussion to be one of the all-time great regular-season teams that can be an all-time great team should it win a championship. Of course, there is that caveat about how the past nine Presidents' Trophy recipients haven't won the Stanley Cup. The Bruins know this because it has happened to them twice since the 2013-14 season. Plus, we just saw it recently in 2018-19, when the 128-point Lightning were eliminated in the first round. Is this the team that becomes the next Icarus or does it torch everything and everyone in its path?
    2. Carolina Hurricanes, Previous ranking: 2: Jesse Puljujarvi has a rather strong case. The Hurricanes were already without Max Pacioretty for the rest of the season and announced earlier this week Andrei Svechnikov would also miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL. Losing two top-six forwards within months is a serious blow to any team, let alone one challenging for the Stanley Cup. It's not to suggest Puljujarvi can be the quick fix. But any offensive contributions he could provide would be welcomed.
    3. New Jersey Devils, Previous ranking: 4: There are a few options here, starting with Timo Meier. The Devils parted with quite a bit to get him, with the idea that the pending RFA can help them in the interim and possibly in the future. But there's also this prospect named Luke Hughes, who potentially gives the Devils another puck-moving option the second he leaves the University of Michigan. It could also be pending RFA Jesper Bratt, who has a chance for what would be his first 30-goal campaign.
    4. Toronto Maple Leafs, Previous ranking: 3: Matt Murray's reintroduction into the Leafs' lineup after missing more than a month with injury has had a rocky start. He has allowed more than four goals per game over his first three outings, two of which were Leafs losses. While the Leafs are playing for seeding at this point, Murray gaining consistency could be vital to his team's playoff chances. He has two Stanley Cups and more than 50 games of postseason experience, whereas Ilya Samsonov has one playoff win in eight games.
    5. Vegas Golden Knights, Previous ranking: 7: By scoring four goals and eight points in his first nine games, Ivan Barbashev has helped the Golden Knights find a temporary solution to the hole left by captain Mark Stone. Losing Stone left the Golden Knights without one of the premier two-way forwards in the league. It appears Barbashev, a pending UFA, could be the one who bridges that gap. And if so, it is going to make his offseason a rather interesting one.

    NBA power rankings:
    1. Bucks (50-19, Last week No. 1): The Bucks are 16-2 since Feb. 1 and have outscored opponents by 9 points per game on average since the All-Star break — they have been the best team in the league. Not only has that given them a 3-game cushion for the best record in the league, but it has also fired up Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s MVP candidacy. That candidacy lagged earlier in the season when Khris Middleton (now back in the starting lineup) and Jrue Holiday missed time and Antetokounmpo had to take on a different role, but with the team finding its groove Antetokounmpo is back playing to his strengths and is an unstoppable force. He may or may not win a third MVP, but he will finish top three. Soft schedule this week for the Bucks, which should help them secure the top seed overall in the league.
    2. 76ers (46-22, LW 5): The 76ers have won six in a row and 7-of-10, but they have done it in spite of a defense that is ranked 27th in the league over those last six games. MVP candidate Joel Embiid is carrying the offense (and getting blocks where he can), but the defensive concerns about a backcourt leaning on James Harden and Tyrese Maxey have come to fruition (the defense hasn’t been great on the wing, either). Philly is one game back of Boston for the No.2 seed in the East, but the Sixers have the second toughest schedule in the East the rest of the way, including 6-of-7 coming up on the road.
    3. Celtics (48-22, LW 4): The loss in Houston was a shock to the system, but the concerns are bigger than that with Boston having dropped 5-of-9 and looking pedestrian on both sides of the court during that stretch. It’s concerning with the Bucks and Sixers playing much better ball over that stretch. Injuries have played a part in recent Celtics’ stumbles, with Robert Williams missing time and Marcus Smart back on the court but not looking 100%, but it is not the entire answer. The Celtics are 2-2 on their six-game road trip and they need wins to hold off a hot 76ers team aiming for the No.2 seed.
    4. Cavaliers (44-28, LW 6): One thing we have seen over the recent month that could be a good thing long-term in Cleveland is the improvement of Isaac Okoro on the offensive end. He is not putting up massive stat lines — 9.2 points per game over his last five games — but he is shooting 57.1% from 3 in that stretch (2.8 attempts a game) and 56.7% overall. More importantly, he’s playing smart, taking the corner 3 when it is there, but also attacking closeouts and making smart cuts. Two interesting games coming up against the Nets in Brooklyn.
    5. Nuggets (46-23, LW 2): Losers of four in a row and they are looking passive — and MVP candidate Nikola Jokic is looking passive. He had a couple of games where he took fewer shots, but it’s also been evident on defense with him calling and playing more drop coverage rather than being up at the point of attack. The Nuggets still have a 4.5 game lead in the West and feel like a team that has just taken their foot off the gas, but that’s not what Mike Malone will want to see this time of year. The Nuggets are in the midst of a five-game road trip with the Pistons, Knicks and Nets up next.

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    Overall 2022 CFB Service Performance - Top 15 Services
    # Capper Percent Picks Won Picks Lost Earned
    1 Premier Gaming services 66.46% 107 54 902.56
    2 911 Picks 64.81% 105 57 830.45
    3 Devil Picks 64.94% 100 54 816.00
    4 Service One 66.21% 96 49 802.54
    5 Squeeze The Juice 66.23% 100 51 796.45
    6 Holy Cow 63.64% 105 60 778.60
    7 Europe Sports 63.64% 105 60 766.50
    8 Picks Unlimited LTD 64.56% 102 56 752.80
    9 Untouchable Picks 63.58% 103 59 751.66
    10 Midas Golden Touch 63.86% 106 60 735.40
    11 Exclusive MLB 64.63% 95 52 728.08
    12 Killer Instincts Picks 63.69% 100 57 722.12
    13 ProHei Sports 62.42% 103 62 716.80
    14 The Hustlers Lounge 63.23% 98 57 703.40
    15 Red Zone 62.13% 105 64 696.08

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    How is rank calculated ?
    Rank is calculated based on the overall units earned for college football picks.

    2021 CFB Capper Performance - Top 15 Services
    # Capper Percent Picks Won Picks Lost Earned
    1 Las Vegas Man 70.37% 114 48 1,178.42
    2 On The Edge Plays 68.32% 110 51 1,058.78
    3 Mastermind Picks 68.35% 108 50 1,043.62
    4 Let It Ride 68.39% 106 49 1,012.38
    5 Hook It Up 67.72% 107 51 987.10
    6 Exclusive MLB 67.52% 106 51 981.20
    7 Major Gains 72.03% 85 33 979.80
    8 Shaolin Bets 66.67% 104 52 944.40
    9 Jaeger 65.68% 111 58 937.42
    10 Best In Sports 66.46% 107 54 937.05
    11 The Crew 66.67% 104 52 934.70
    12 Team Work Cappers 67.32% 103 50 929.20
    13 Ace Of Clubs Sports 67.31% 105 51 918.35
    14 Picks Unlimited LTD 66.46% 109 55 911.44
    15 Squeeze The Juice 67.72% 107 51 908.05

    Hot Services - Best last 10 picks.
    Service Win % Rec.
    911 Picks 90.00 9 - 1 (146.00)
    Postman Sports 90.00 9 - 1 (130.00)
    Let It Ride 80.00 8 - 2 (112.00)
    Legendz Pro Sports 80.00 8 - 2 (108.00)
    Barracuda 80.00 8 - 2 (108.00)
    Europe Sports 70.00 7 - 3 (76.60)
    Killer Instincts Picks 70.00 7 - 3 (74.60)
    Devil Picks 70.00 7 - 3 (74.00)
    USASM Complementary 70.00 7 - 3 (74.00)
    Holy Cow 70.00 7 - 3 (73.00)

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