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Welcome to USASportsMonitor.net NHL Section!

All picks are released five (5) minutes after game starts.

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    MLB power rankings:
    1. Rays (38-15): I'm not about to abandon them from the top spot because there's such a thing as built-up credit. We just need to keep an eye on things, as the Rays have gone 5-7 in their last 12 and the pitching injuries have really complicated matters. Plus, some of the hitters are regressing from their ultra-hot starts. Every great team has lulls, of course, so don't go overboard here.
    2. Braves (31-20): Down several important players, the Braves responded to last weekend's sweep by taking four of six from two quality AL West opponents. They are that good. Just for fun: At this point last season, the Braves were 22-24.
    3. Orioles (33-18): Can I just grab an arbitrary starting point for the purposes of illustration? I can? Thank you! Remember, the Orioles started 4-5 (and the Rays, obviously, were 9-0). Since then, the Orioles have been the best team in baseball by 2 1/2 games.
    4. Rangers (32-18): Seager must've felt left out while on the injured list. In the last three days, he's gone 7 for 13 with three doubles and two home runs.
    5. Astros (29-21): With his base hit on Sunday, Jose Altuve moved into a third-place tie with Jose Cruz for the most hits in Astros history. I would be very sad and disappointed if you needed me to tell you the top two.

    NHL power rankings (Final):
    1. Bruins (65-12-5): Some thought the Bruins would struggle out of the gate because of some injuries. On the other hand, others thought they could compete atop the Atlantic Division. What nobody did see coming was the best regular season in NHL history.
    2. Oilers (50-23-9): Coming into the 2022-23 season, the Oilers hadn't addressed many of the issues that plagued them the year before. However, Edmonton used the trade deadline to bolster its defense and Stuart Skinner has played like a No. 1 goalie. Now, the Oilers are a serious Cup contender.
    3. Avalanche (51-24-7): As has been the case for most of the season, injuries plagued the Avs right out of the starting block. Colorado got off to a slower start than expected, but the Avalanche have won seven straight games, and a second straight Stanley Cup is very much on the table for this group.
    4. Devils (52-22-8): In many preseason bold predictions, experts picked the Devils to make the playoffs, but it is suspected they would be battling for a wild card spot in the final week of the regular season. New Jersey is battling in the last week of the regular season, but it is for the Metro Division title. The development of Jack Hughes and the rest of the young core has allowed the Devils to take a big step forward.
    5. Stars (47-21-14): For the first time in years, the Stars have gotten reliable scoring outside its first line. Add in a tremendous offensive season from defenseman Miro Heiskanen and continued brilliance from Jake Oettinger, and Dallas has remained among the top teams in the league all season.

    NBA power rankings (Final):
    1. Bucks (58-24): With Khris Middleton out for more than half the season, all the Bucks did was finish with the best record in the NBA. That's in large part to the wonders of Giannis Antetokounmpo, but it wouldn't happen without excellent seasons from both Jrue Holiday and Brook Lopez. Milwaukee had the league's fifth-best net rating, but racked up wins thanks to a sterling 27-8 record in clutch games.
    2. Celtics (57-25): Second in offense. Second in defense. Despite the Celtics failing to finish with the NBA's best record, the profile of a champion is certainly there. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown led the way, but depth and versatility are Boston's true strengths.
    3. 76Ers (54-28): Joel Embiid and the 76ers were everything we thought they could be after deft offseason moves and the return of a healthy James Harden. Embiid may have solidified his MVP case after multiple superhuman performances, and Philly finishes the season as a top-five offense and top-10 defense.
    4. Nuggets (53-29): A stumble toward the end of the season can't sour a brilliant year from the Nuggets, who clung to the No. 1 seed in the West. Nikola Jokic was MVP-level once again, and a resurgent year from Jamal Murray plus a breakout campaign from Aaron Gordon helped bolster a well-balanced offensive attack. However, a mediocre defense kept them from reaching the levels of the East's elite.
    5. Cavaliers (51-31): The Cavs didn't get the memo about being a couple years away from contention, as they put together an incredible season behind a career year from Donovan Mitchell and the league's stingiest defense. Landing in the top-10 in offense is a credit to Mitchell, Darius Garland and added aggressiveness from Evan Mobley. Overall, the Cavs finished with the second-best net rating in the NBA.

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      Weekly Overall Top 10 NHL cappers.
      These services had the most units earned for the week of 5/29/2023 - 6/4/2023.
      Team Work Cappers (77.40) , Hot Capper (60.00) , Barracuda (60.00) , Red Hot Picks (40.00) , Kapper (40.00) , Holy Cow (40.00) , Devil Picks (40.00) , Ace Of Clubs Sports (40.00) , Junior's Picks (40.00) and Las Vegas Man (40.00).

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    Game Title Held At Game Time
    Vegas Golden Knights @ Florida Panthers Florida Panthers 8 Jun 2023 19:00
    Overall Capper Performanse - Top 15 Cappers
    # Capper Percent Picks Won Picks Lost Earned
    1 Midas Golden Touch 67.38% 314 152 3,165.72
    2 Wicked Picks 65.73% 303 158 3,075.86
    3 Ace Of Clubs Sports 67.26% 300 146 3,035.54
    4 911 Picks 65.25% 308 164 2,931.25
    5 Las Vegas Man 65.42% 280 148 2,792.28
    6 The Hustlers Lounge 64.51% 289 159 2,675.80
    7 Kapper 64.09% 298 167 2,404.25
    8 Service One 63.89% 292 165 2,354.62
    9 Blue Label Picks 63.08% 299 175 2,321.34
    10 Hot Capper 61.85% 287 177 2,151.73
    11 North Side Sports 61.18% 290 184 2,068.53
    12 Players Corner 61.59% 279 174 2,028.40
    13 Know Your Sports 62.23% 290 176 2,005.05
    14 Underground Sports Network 61.50% 270 169 1,972.87
    15 Holy Cow 61.79% 283 175 1,943.40

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    How is rank calculated ?
    Rank is calculated based on the overall units earned for hockey picks.

    2021-2022 NHL Capper Performance - Top 15 Services
    # Capper Percent Picks Won Picks Lost Earned
    1 Devil Picks 63.14% 298 174 2,399.60
    2 Zeus Decisions 63.42% 300 173 2,344.60
    3 Midas Golden Touch 61.24% 297 188 2,145.88
    4 Team Work Cappers 60.82% 295 190 1,916.60
    5 Blue Label Picks 59.69% 274 185 1,840.34
    6 911 Picks 60.26% 279 184 1,806.23
    7 Picks From Chick To Click 60.67% 290 188 1,713.00
    8 Wicked Picks 59.83% 289 194 1,707.76
    9 Killer Instincts Picks 60.37% 294 193 1,668.81
    10 Premier Gaming services 59.18% 287 198 1,610.72
    11 Kapper 58.90% 278 194 1,544.45
    12 Holy Cow 58.58% 280 198 1,343.00
    13 Know Your Sports 58.48% 269 191 1,268.40
    14 Barracuda 57.20% 266 199 1,228.28
    15 Players Corner 55.24% 253 205 681.80

    Hot Services - Best last 10 picks.
    Service Win % Rec.
    All Star Capper Picks 80.00 8 - 2 (135.00)
    Devil Picks 80.00 8 - 2 (127.00)
    Team Work Cappers 70.00 7 - 3 (119.40)
    Hot Capper 70.00 7 - 3 (109.60)
    Nick and Matt K. Sports 80.00 8 - 2 (105.00)
    King of Kings 70.00 7 - 3 (103.60)
    Barracuda 70.00 7 - 3 (93.60)
    Kapper 70.00 7 - 3 (85.00)
    Holy Cow 70.00 7 - 3 (83.00)
    Wicked Picks 60.00 6 - 4 (65.80)

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