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Welcome to USASportsMonitor.net MLB Section!

All picks are released five (5) minutes after game starts.

Starting 09/22/2023, use promo code USAM51935 and get 15% off any offered package. This code is good until midnight 09/25/2023.

Believe it or not, the 2023 MLB playoffs are just around the corner. The season has been a wild one, with plenty of surprises, a chase for .400, exhilarating prospect callups and a quicker and more action-packed brand of baseball as part of the offseason rules changes. The USASportsConsultants.net Services are having an exciting and profitable MLB season, are you?
The 2023 NFL and CFB seasons are here and thay are shaping up to be filled with excitement, unforgettable moments and performances well never forget. Week 3 started on Thursday, September 21th and CFB Week 2 kicked off on Thursday 9/21 aslo. Get your 2023 football Special Packages now!
As gameday is here, its time for all to start preparing for all the upcoming action. USASportsConsultants.net Services are looking at each team and evaluating how they will perform during the regular season. There are plenty of things well be keeping an eye on this year, providing analysis throughout the upcoming season. From the NFL Hall of Fame game, to the road toward Super Bowl LVIII and the battle for NFL playoff spots, from Week 0 of College Football, to the Bowl games and the road to CFB playoffs, the USASportsConsultants.net Services have you covered.
Follow the special packages link for various MLB, NFL and CFB sports packages, seasonal, daily, weekly packages and many more, or visit the services' home pages and check them out. Services stay up-to-date and are posting package specials weekly for all sports! Look around the MLB home page, the NHL home page, the NBA home page, the CBA home page, the NFL Home and the CFB Home review, the services' records and their available packages and join for a winning season.

Usasportsconsultants.net releases sponsored free selections during the week and the weekends. The free picks are recorded off course, and you can also see them on our free picks page (Name: USA Complementary) , with the rest of the free selections from all the services, or on our tracking page. Keep visiting this page for promotions, announcements and USASC Free Picks.

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    NFL power rankings:
    1. 49ERS (3-0-0): It wasn't easy against the Rams, but they found a way. The defense has to tighten up a bit going forward, but they are the best team right now.
    2. Cowboys (2-0-0): The defense has been dominant in two games. The offense hasn't been asked to do that much, but when you give up 10 points in two games, it doesn't need to do much.
    3. Eagles (2-0-0): They are 2-0 and really haven't looked great in getting there. That's a good sign. Jalen Hurts needs to pick it up.
    4. Chielfs (1-1-0): The offense didn't do a lot in beating the Jaguars, but the defense came up big, especially in the red zone. We need not worry about Patrick Mahomes and gang. They will be fine.
    5. Ravens (2-0-0): The offense came alive against the Bengals for the first time under new coordinator Todd Monken after slogging through the opener. Lamar Jackson is going to be fun to watch in that offense.

    MLB power rankings:
    1. Braves (99-55): I've seen a lot of people lately talking about the Braves as if it's possible they'll go on a World Series championship run with relative ease, something similar to the 2018 Red Sox. It's definitely possible, but let's not forget about teams like the 2022 Dodgers, 2021 Dodgers, 2021 Giants, 2019 Dodgers, 2019 Astros, 2017 Dodgers and, well, every other team that's ever won 104-plus games and failed to win it all. No team is ever bulletproof.
    2. Dodgers (94-59): Clayton Kershaw only threw 56 pitches in four innings Saturday night. This light workload has gone well past "saving bullets for the playoffs" and into "very concerning" territory for me. It's not like their rotation is a bastion of depth right now.
    3. Orioles (95-59): That split with the Rays means the Orioles hold a two-game lead, a three-game lead in the loss column and the tiebreaker over the Rays. After a three-game series in Houston, the schedule is relatively soft. This is all to say that the Orioles should win the AL East. If so, it'll be their first division title since 2014 and only their second since 1997.
    4. Rays (94-61): That blown game by the bullpen Sunday probably sealed their fate as a wild-card team. It has to feel a bit disappointing after starting 13-0, but there's still a chance to make this a special season.
    5. Brewers (88-66): This is the Golden Era of Brewers baseball. Before 2018, they had only won their division three times. This season will very likely be their third division title in a six-year span. Before 2018, they'd only been to the playoffs four times. This will be five times in a six-year span.

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    Weekly Overall Top 10 MLB cappers.
    These services had the most units earned for the week of 9/18/2023 - 9/24/2023.
    Blue Label Picks (225.10) , Players Corner (180.60) , Jaeger (140.70) , Games Picks and Fun (127.40) , Nitro Picks (110.40) , ProHei Sports (102.40) , Team Work Cappers (92.32) , Exclusive MLB (92.10) , The Crew (91.72) and Las Vegas Man (84.80).
    Check their selections today.

    Other MLB ranking criteria for the week of 9/18/2023 - 9/24/2023:
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    Game Title Held At Game Time
    San Diego Padres (Blake Snell) @ San Francisco Giants (Logan Webb) San Francisco Giants 25 Sep 2023 20:45
    Arizona Diamondbacks (Merrill Kelly) @ New York Yankees (Clarke Schmidt) New York Yankees 25 Sep 2023 12:05
    Texas Rangers (Jon Gray) @ Los Angeles Angels (Patrick Sandoval) Los Angeles Angels 25 Sep 2023 20:38
    Houston Astros (Justin Verlander) @ Seattle Mariners (Luis Castillo) Seattle Mariners 25 Sep 2023 20:40
    Overall MLB Performance - Top 15 Cappers
    # Capper Percent Picks Won Picks Lost Earned
    1 Games Picks and Fun 63.20% 316 184 2,578.00
    2 Untouchable Picks 63.47% 311 179 2,487.14
    3 Let It Ride 63.62% 327 187 2,435.66
    4 Players Corner 62.38% 315 190 2,335.60
    5 Zeus Decisions 62.32% 311 188 2,333.16
    6 Ace Of Clubs Sports 62.58% 301 180 2,276.12
    7 Exclusive MLB 62.15% 312 190 2,175.00
    8 Service One 63.06% 309 181 2,170.62
    9 Nick and Matt K. Sports 62.95% 316 186 2,104.10
    10 Mastermind Picks 62.00% 310 190 2,096.38
    11 ProHei Sports 61.99% 305 187 2,075.00
    12 Underground Sports Network 62.47% 303 182 2,062.54
    13 Best In Sports 62.06% 301 184 2,045.40
    14 911 Picks 62.35% 308 186 2,021.38
    15 Squeeze The Juice 61.36% 316 199 2,015.45

    Click on a capper to view ranking details.
    How is rank calculated ?
    Rank is calculated based on the overall units earned for baseball picks.

    2022 MLB Capper Performance - Top 15 Services
    # Capper Percent Picks Won Picks Lost Earned
    1 Kapper 64.79% 346 188 2,910.00
    2 World Of Sports 65.09% 343 184 2,857.60
    3 Let It Ride 63.70% 344 196 2,808.00
    4 ProHei Sports 63.77% 345 196 2,769.16
    5 Hot Capper 62.71% 333 198 2,749.27
    6 911 Picks 64.01% 329 185 2,680.69
    7 Junior's Picks 62.43% 339 204 2,678.31
    8 On The Edge Plays 62.75% 342 203 2,650.32
    9 Killer Instincts Picks 62.45% 341 205 2,628.11
    10 The Hustlers Lounge 62.98% 325 191 2,617.60
    11 Untouchable Picks 63.14% 334 195 2,588.86
    12 Know Your Sports 63.07% 333 195 2,578.00
    13 The Game 62.66% 334 199 2,557.10
    14 North Side Sports 62.27% 335 203 2,547.99
    15 Games Picks and Fun 61.84% 342 211 2,540.40

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    NFL 4 34
    CFB 0 105
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    Hot Services - Best last 10 picks.
    Service Win % Rec.
    Team Work Cappers 90.00 9 - 1 (178.32)
    Blue Label Picks 80.00 8 - 2 (121.50)
    USASM Complementary 70.00 7 - 3 (79.60)
    The Crew 70.00 7 - 3 (72.40)
    King of Kings 70.00 7 - 3 (67.80)
    Picks From Chick To Click 70.00 7 - 3 (66.95)
    American Sports Selections 70.00 7 - 3 (66.40)
    Players Corner 70.00 7 - 3 (62.00)
    Capper 2009 70.00 7 - 3 (54.68)
    Ace Of Clubs Sports 60.00 6 - 4 (50.25)
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